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Custom made Tours

Our preferences and needs are in a constant change and versatility offers the great vantage point!
Taking advantage of our long experience in the tourism sector, we undertake the organization of your next excursions and offer you new unforgettable experiences!

Do you want to share with your friends or family your next great experience? Come with us to a new journey, meet many different destinations or get to know a particular place and get excited by the people, the folkway, the food and drink, the natural beauties, satisfy your various interests or fulfill your need for relaxation.

Do you want to give your business a boost? Gather your people and offer them an unforgettable gift. Talk, get to know each other better and grow closer, enjoying together new experiences in new magnificent places.

In Sonnen Tours & Cruises, we believe it’s good to communicate… Tell us when you want to take your next break and how you think you will enjoy it best and we will plan together your next excursion!

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