Our story

Sonnen Tours and Cruises is an incoming travel agency for organized group tours to Greece specialized on educational and special interest tours for over 35 years. The sunny and picturesque beauty of Greece can offer a large palette of several potentials by combining the history and the adventure. As an expereinced incoming travel agency we are here for our clients by offering tailor made travel packages focused on your needs and preferences and organising every kind of group as e.g. for groups, clubs, associations, unions, colleges and schools, pilgrimage excursions, agriculture groups etc. We can organize your trip to Greece either by bus via Italy (Venice or Ancona) or by air travel.



Dimitris Dakas
Founder and owner of Sonnen  Tours and Cruises, Dimitris Dakas for over 35 years, he had managed to combine the treasures and beauty of Greece by offering  qualitative travel programs. With his professionalism and hospitality, he was always ready to welcome the next group in Greece. His love and passion for his work had always played one of the most significant roles in his life.